48″ with or without LED Light. White or Black.


48″ with or without LED Light. White only.


48″ or 56″ with or without LED Light. White or Black/Teak.


48″ or 52″ with or without LED Light. White ONLY.


28″ with LED Light (Includes No light cap). White ONLY.

Ceiling fans & the Australian climate go hand in hand! Ceiling fans are the perfect solution to keeping you cool in summer, at Claro we have a carefully selected range of high performance fans designed with the Australian climate in mind. Our fans are energy efficient, especially when compared to other methods of cooling such as split systems or ducted cooling. Furthermore the gentle cooling breeze that a ceiling fan can provide can contribute to a more comfortable environment, especially at night time on those hot summer nights!

Our range of fans are fundamentally based on quality & popular aesthetics at an affordable price point. The curvaceous and minimalistic Whisper DC is sure to impress, whereas a fan like the Summer DC provides a more conventional look with quality that is re-enforced by its CHOICE magazine recommendation.

Our ceiling fans are able to be used all year round, and come with a winter mode as well as conventional summer setting. On winter mode a ceiling fan will spin in the opposite direction, drawing air in an upwards direction. This can help circulate warm air during the winter months. In summer mode the ceiling fan will push air in a downwards motion, therefore creating a cooling ‘breeze’ to those directly below.

At Claro we have you covered, our fan options include indoor ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans as well as modern and architectural models.